My Thoughts – It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

My Thoughts – It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

“My soul yearns for you in the night, and in the morning my spirit searches and looks out for you” (Isaiah 26:9).


This phrase keeps coming into my spirit …

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

I’m recalling how I received the call to go up on a local State Park alongside “Mt. Horeb” Wisconsin, overlooking my parish, and climb a lookout tower, before dawn. The call I received was to be on that tower before the sun peaked up on the horizon. I obeyed.

I prayed over the land. I went there every morning for seven months. I was like a “mad man” who was relentless in calling out to God.

Why? What was I praying for?

At the time, everyone felt defeated, as a strip club opened across the street from our church. Soon, the neighborhood would become a slum … neighbors would move out, and drug dealers and pimps would move in. Things looked hopeless. I simply would not accept this as a final nail in the coffin for our community. All we had left was prayer. And so, I prayed as never before!

It was not long after this seven months of prayer that the strip club closed. For nothing is impossible with God!

Right now, I sense everyone is feeling defeated, as the Supreme Court just kicked us to the curb. Soon, it seems, the Democratic Party – which, over the past number of decades, has allowed itself to be infiltrated by a growing historic level of demonic influence – is about to impose a damnable agenda on our nation that is simply unconscionable. Things look hopeless.

I’m done trying to predict what God is up to. It almost seems like God avoids, at all cost, what I try to predict He will do.

However, this Christmas Star is, literally, coming at the darkest point of the calendar year … the Winter solstice on December 21. Could there be something with that? You know, “darkest before the dawn”?

Fr. Ripperger said this same thing, in so many words, as reported by Patrick Delaney at LifeSiteNews:

“I think what we’re seeing now is that there’s some stark comparisons in the behavior of some of these people and in what I’ve seen (from demons) in (exorcism) session(s),” he said.


Providing hope for a positive resolution, Ripperger continued, “For example, right now things are kind of leading up to a crescendo, and that’s what you tend to see right before the person is liberated. So, there is this buildup of diabolic manifestation which becomes much more drastic, much more open, much more out there. Sometimes even more preternatural right towards the end, and then the person is actually liberated.”

I firmly believe a day of reckoning is coming very soon. We have been praying for the truth to be revealed … for the light to shine in the darkness.

All I know is that I have the same “mad man” desire to pray and sacrifice, just as I did when the strip club planted itself in our face.

Yes, the Supreme Court let us down, but there is a growing “demand” that evil is no longer allowed to advance unabated. We must pray HARD, but we must also DEMAND that evil is revealed and brought to justice.

Remain hopefully and remember, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”