My View on the Great Debate of the Two Forms of the Mass

My View on the Great Debate of the Two Forms of the Mass

In attempting to convey my view of where I believe the Church should move, initially, in a “Eucharistic Revival,” I have yet to find a better analogy than a “Military Honor Guard.”

Think about it … the perfectly manicured uniforms, the profound attention to precision, the strict adherence to ritual … all of it says this is “due” this fallen hero. At the same time, it awakens in us the necessary understanding that this is “truly” a hero being honored, very much deserving of this “highest quality” ritual.

So, two necessary elements … 1) Reverence due, 2) Awakening our understanding.

These two are found in the Extraordinary Form and the purified Ordinary Form. These two critical elements create the best possible “way” to “predispose” the soul to receive the necessary gateway Holy Spirit Gift of “Awe and Wonder” (or, Fear of the Lord). Once a soul receives this Gift, it changes everything, and the soul now gives God the highest priority in their life. Whereas before, they “managed God” while keeping Him at a kind of distant “casual relationship.”

Imagine an Honor Guard showing up to a cemetery service in recreational attire, while they meandered about as they crumbled the flag in a ball and tossed it to the wife of the fallen soldier. Yet, that is akin to what we are doing with the casualized “tainted post-Vatican II Ordinary Form.”

The best evidence of this is to see what folks feel compelled to wear to Mass. If donning some of their worst recreational attire is seen as acceptable, then we have a problem. And yet, this is seen in most parishes. Is it any wonder why Mass attendance and belief in the Real Presence is plummeting? We have encouraged carelessness.

Frankly, I don’t understand the hesitancy of the Church to quickly move in this direction. The evidence for the efficacy of a purified Ordinary Form is already in. Just as the failure of the post-VII tainted Ordinary Form is now quite evident.

I’m praying this call for “Eucharistic Revival” will catapult us in this direction. I’m predicting they will start by encouraging widespread Adoration. I believe this will light a fire in the hearts of those who would be open to this “purifying,” while it manifests demons in the hearts of those who actually could care less about saving souls.

From this, we will be able to see clearly how to proceed.

I get why so many are favoring the Extraordinary Form, as they are finding a Divine Encounter that is almost impossible to find in the vast majority of Ordinary Form Masses offered in most parishes. So, they deduce that it is EF vs. OF, with no other options possible. I now know, after years of offering a purified Ordinary Form, that this Divine Encounter is more than possible in a purified Ordinary Form. Now the world needs to know this too.

For those who want to see the Church go, exclusively, to the Extraordinary Form, I believe the first step is to rid the Ordinary Form of all of he tainted post-Vatican II innovations. This will bring this predisposition to receiving the gateway Holy Spirit Gift of Awe and Wonder. Then we will be in the best place possible to discern whether to go, totally, to the Extraordinary Form.

The reality is that bishops would never, first, just blow-up the Ordinary Form. But they may be open to, first, purifying the Ordinary Form.

I believe we should approach true “Eucharistic Revival” in “feasible steps.” Step one? Let’s do everything possible to lead souls to that Divine Encounter.