October 7 Washington DC Rosary Rally Attendees Will Be Spiritually Weaponized!

October 7 Washington DC Rosary Rally Attendees Will Be Spiritually Weaponized!

The Novena for Our Nation planning committee has been receiving very many God-incidents during this 54 Day Rosary Novena, leading up to the National Rosary Rally in Washington DC on October 7. I want to make an announcement, as I share a few of these.

This Summer, my wonderful sister came over to my rectory and helped me get de-cluttered and organized. As we emptied a number of closets (I’m a pack rat), we unearthed some pretty cool stuff. Among these were a number of Holy Water and Blessed Salt (empty) plastic bottles. I had run a prayer campaign, using some of these, and it turns out I had about 1,000 of each left over.

At the same time, I had several gallons of Epiphany Holy Water and several pounds of Epiphany Blessed Salt (I’ll explain the “Epiphany” part in a bit). I have been keeping this Epiphany Holy Water and Blessed Salt, waiting for God to show me how to use it.

So, I asked a large family (The Tobias Family) I know if the kids would like a project putting all of this Holy Water and Blessed Salt into the bottles. I still didn’t know what God wanted me to do with it, but I knew it belonged in these bottles. The Tobias family joyfully accepted the project. They had them all filled within a week or so. The Tobiases are awesome! 🙂

Now I have these bottles (1,000 each) of Epiphany Holy Water and Blessed Salt, and I keep wondering what God wants me to do with them.

The Novena for Our Nation planning group, that meets on a weekly conference call, already had the great idea of providing Brown Scapulars for everyone who attends the National Rosary Rally in Washington DC. We are also handing out (business card size) “Rite of Brown Scapular Blessing & Investiture.”

So, I threw out the idea of giving out these bottles of Holy Water and Blessed Salt. They loved it! They are hoping 500-1,000 people attend the rally, so they asked how many I have. I said, I happen to have that exact amount. WOW!

We thought how great it would be to spiritually “weaponize” everyone who attended.

Then, as my sister and I continued to dig through my closets, I found several bags of Benedict Medals. Guess how many? That’s right … 1,000.

And, Fr Jay Finelli found out about this project and he let me know he had Miraculous Medals he would like to donate. I asked, “How many do you have?” He said – that’s right – “1,000!!!” He said he would use the traditional blessing before he mailed them to me.

Now that we have all of these spiritual weapons, I knew we needed to put them in something, to keep them together for each person receiving them. I thought, it would be great if we could use those cool black velvet bags I use for my Combat Rosaries. But, those are too small, so I needed to get bigger ones.

So, this morning, I called my brother (who helps me with sales and promotion of my Combat Rosaries) to see how fast he could get these larger black velvet bags. When I spoke with him, he said he had just “accidentally” ordered that size (pushing the wrong button on checkout), and they were sitting right there with him, and he was about to send them back. I said, “How many?” He said, “Hold … I’ll check.” When he got back on the phone, he said …. I’ll bet you can guess … “1,000!!!”

You just can’t make this stuff up!!

So, these black velvet weapons bags will contain …

  • Epiphany Holy Water (Exorcised and Blessed by Fr. Z)
  • Epiphany Blessed Salt (Exorcised and Blessed by Fr. Z)
  • Brown Scapular
  • Brown Scapular Investiture Card
  • Benedict Medal (Exorcised and Blessed by Fr. Heilman)
  • Miraculous Medal (Traditional Blessing by Fr. Jay Finelli)
Here’s the Announcement

Everyone who attends the National Rosary Rally in Washington DC will receive these amazing spiritual weapons, free of charge. We’ll be very close to the Capitol, so maybe some people will use some of these weapons to go over and bless our nation, using these powerful spiritual weapons. 🙂


So, what’s the deal with Epiphany Water and Salt?

I don’t know if any Holy Water is more power than others, but I am pretty jazzed to possess Holy Water that takes about an hour to bless in a very beautiful and powerful traditional ritual. So, I made sure I had several gallons of water and several pounds of salt ready to be exorcised and blessed by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z), assisted by my Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum) in this special ancient ritual.

epiphany-waterAs Fr. Z writes

Wonderful customs come with the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany is 6 January, by the way.


On Epiphany we can bless gold, frankincense and myrrh. Bring all your spare, unblessed myrrh to your priest… and gold. Bring lots of spare gold to your priest, or to me if your priest isn’t around.


On Epiphany there is a blessing for homes. There is also the famous blessing of chalk which can be used then to mark the lintel of the house.


On the Vigil of Epiphany there is a special blessing for “Epiphany Water.” Here is a photo from a couple years ago, of yours truly blessing Epiphany Water.


The Rite is very cool. It begins with the Litany of Saints, with a couple special petitions about the blessing of the water to follow. Satan and the demons are then driven from the place with a mighty prayer.

Here’s a beautiful video of my Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum singing the Magnificat in Tone 8


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