Offering Assistance During this Holy Water Shortage

Offering Assistance During this Holy Water Shortage

Yesterday, I posted on social media that, in the midst of this “Holy Water Shortage,” as diocese after diocese is mandating the emptying of Holy Water fonts, St. Mary of Pine Bluff wants to make sure folks have plenty of “soul sanitizing” Holy Water. I showed a photo of the baskets full of Holy Water bottles we made available to our parishioners this weekend.

I am mostly joking about a “Holy Water Shortage,” but still want to make Holy Water readily available for folks. Many of the comments showed that folks were sincerely worried they will not have access to Holy Water.

So, I want to offer the very powerful “Epiphany” Holy Water to all who live too far from St. Mary of Pine Bluff.

This is free. You are free to buy something as you are checking out, but I would be most grateful if you would join the United States Grace Force, along with almost 60,000 other Prayer Warriors. We do various spiritual warfare campaigns, and we have witnessed many amazing miracles. In fact, we are starting a very special spiritual warfare campaign on March 9, entitled: 54 Day Three Hearts Novena (see HERE). This will be 54 days of prayer asking for protection and provision, as many are concerned about this coronavirus.

Enlist in the United States Grace Force HERE.

You can order your Epiphany Water HERE.

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