Pay Attention. Your Prayers Are Being Heard.

Pay Attention. Your Prayers Are Being Heard.

#MAHA – Make America Holy Again!

Is anyone noticing the astonishing synchronicity in what is transpiring in our culture and the centennial year of Fatima, as well as the prayer campaign entitled, Novena for Our Nation, where over 40,000 people from around the nation prayed a 54 Day Rosary Novena that beseeched God to heal our nation and bring about a profound spiritual renewal? In 2016, many of these same prayer warriors prayed, as well, in the 54 days leading up to, what some called, a “miraculous outcome” in the Presidential election.

The recent talk has been all about Oprah Winfrey and the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. This came on the immediate heels of the “outbreak” of stories where it was revealed that, for years, sexual assault and sexual harassment had been, in essence, “allowed.”

The volcano of exposés erupted with Harvey Weinstein on October 5, 2017. This was just two days before the conclusion of the 54 day Novena for Our Nation, and just nine days (a novena of days) before the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.

Prior to the normalization of contraception and abortion, pregnancy was a “consequence” that gave people pause in any consideration of “recreational sex” outside the covenant of marriage. Now, all of a sudden, it is the threat of career ending lawsuits and public shaming that is giving people pause.

Add to this the greater reporting of the atrocious, life-threatening side effects of contraception and abortion (cancer, mental disorders, etc), and we have, all at once, a sex obsessed culture having their “Come to Jesus Moment.” That’s right, even the liberal media is beginning to call for our culture to “re-think” our ideas of sex”.

“The people that sat in darkness, hath seen great light: and to them that sat in the region of the shadow of death, light is sprung up.” Matthew 4:16

Now, nearly 50,000 prayer warriors are offering their prayers and mortifications for 90 days, in what is called, “Nineveh 90 for Life.” This prayer campaign goes from January 1 (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God) to March 31 (Holy Saturday).

In the very first week of Nineveh 90 for Life, we witnessed, at the Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood … yes, Hollywood … take a firm stand against the sexualization and objectification of women. WOW!!

This was, especially, noted in the “modest” clothing worn by the women in attendance. Yes, I know, many will say they have a long way to go toward modesty. But, if you compare the conservative attire of this year to the provocative attire of last year, it looked more like a gathering of Amish … in comparison.

Setting cynicism aside (trying, at least), is this the dawn of a new era of purity and a “true” appreciation of women’s “sacred dignity?”

Fr. Robert Fromageot, F.S.S.P. once wrote …

“The leading lights of our age often claim to champion the rights of women, and in certain respects the claim is legitimate. At the same time, however, our age has clearly not sought to protect and foster the sacred dignity of women. On the contrary, society would have us remove our wedding garment, divest ourselves of Christ, and put on the “old man” and make ample provision for the flesh. Men are practically encouraged to treat women as mere objects of pleasure, and women are encouraged to seek this degrading form of attention and accept it as normal and compatible with their dignity. Men and women, but especially women, have become desensitized to using contraceptives, choosing abortion, and embracing sterilization. In short, our society no longer respects or values the gift of fertility; society no longer honors the unique privilege of being a woman. Consequently, it no longer cultivates the responsibility that necessarily accompanies this gift, this privilege. This collective failure on the part of society has wreaked havoc, and it is far from certain that we shall recover and escape dissolution and destruction.

Yet, here we are. As I said, Hollywood, backed by the mainstream media, has taken a very strong stance against the objectification and sexualization of women. Where this will go from here, nobody really knows. But, I believe Hollywood and the media have just boxed themselves into a corner, and must commit to some very obvious and revolutionary transformations, if they are to be taken seriously, at all.

Can Hollywood continue to objectify and sexualize women in movies? Television?

Relying on up-to-date behavioral science, can Hollywood continue to ignore the pathology of those deep in sex addiction? And, therefore, can they continue to allow “easy access” porn?

What about the “sex slavery” of a multitude of women in the porn industry? Do they care about these women?

Relying on up-to-date medical science, if they truly care about women, how could they continue to allow women to be subjected to the life-threatening side effects of contraception and abortion (cancer, mental disorders, etc).

With the epidemic of base and animalistic sexual behavior in our culture, can they any longer ignore the need for a nation-wide spiritual renaissance?

How can “recreational sex” endure, when every “advance” by a man can, now, be easily construed as sexual harassment, or worse? What man will risk litigation and/or career ending accusations?

Are we returning to “proper/appropriate courting,” and placing sex back into its appropriate place … the covenant of marriage?

Is this a boost for the rise of the family, because men can no longer get away with “sex whenever they want,” without committing to marriage?

This is what I meant when I said, “Hollywood and the media have just boxed themselves into a corner.” If they are truly honest; if they truly desire to advocate for women, these questions are unavoidable.

Keep praying, warriors, America just may become holy again.



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