Please Join Me in Prayer and Fasting for Fr. Frank Phillips

Please Join Me in Prayer and Fasting for Fr. Frank Phillips


I love this man. Fr. Phillips taught me how to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. I finally got to tell him that when I had the opportunity to speak at St. John Cantius last Summer. You see, I studied the videos he provided on their website (HERE). Many priests have learned the TLM through these videos. Interesting, his tutorial video is Trinity Sunday which “providentially” was the day of my first TLM.

Fr. Frank Phillips, I wholeheartedly believe, was unjustly accused. And, his good name was damaged by a quick and very poor decision.

Satan and all of his modernist minions certainly hate him and everything St. John Cantius parish is trying to do. Besides all of the amazing efforts Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is doing, St. John Cantius is leading the way in helping our Catholic Church restore the prominence of the supernatural in the Catholic Church. Everything I do in my parish is modeled after St. John Cantius.

I have decided to enter into intense prayer and strict fasting until he is restored to his former position at St. John Cantius and the Canons Regular.

Please join me in any way God inspires you to pray for Fr. Phillips.

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