Prayers Not Being Answered? Are You Treating God Like A Vending Machine?

Prayers Not Being Answered? Are You Treating God Like A Vending Machine?

I think we treat God like a vending machine sometimes. I believe that’s why God – a perfect parent – asks us to show “resolve” or “effort.” He is saying, as any good parent who does not want to be taken advantage of, “Do you REALLY want this? … then show me!” That’s why, in my experience, it is rarely enough to just “offer a quick prayer” like we are dropping a few coins in a vending machine.

Do you want God’s attention? Here’s how …

1) Stop treating Him as an “after thought” … some bare minimum “obligation” we do as a kind of “insurance policy.” A lot of people approach their faith like a spoiled child … as long as I am doing the bare minimum expected of me, my parents “owe me.” No … do the “effort” of appealing with novenas and fasts and penances. Show Him you are “quite serious!” Any good parent knows that they must teach their child to “strive,” if that child is going to lead a happy and fulfilled life. God, our Father, is no different.

2) Be “extravagantly obedient.” Like an amazing child or a top notch employee, don’t just “perform the task,” but reach for “best practices.” For example, love and use the many devotions and sacramentals (Treasures!) of our Catholic faith, love and be near to Our Lady, kneel don’t stand, tongue not hand, dress up for Mass, be first in line to volunteer, obey “all” of what the Church teaches, and don’t contradict your Baptism with vulgar speech or watching porn or immodest attire or “come hither” make-up, etc., etc.. In other words, let your actions reveal Who is in your heart … if you can’t see Jesus saying, “S#@T”, then don’t you say it. A key word here would be “loyalty.” If you are “truly” loyal, you won’t contradict God Who you represent to others.

3) And the most important thing is to get into a real “affectionate” relationship with Him. God loves us more than we can comprehend in this life of ours. We need to love Him to the best of our ability. Let Him hold you and hug you and gently speak to you. Never fear Him, except the Godly fear of never wanting to offend the One we love so much. This is not to diminish His grandeur and majesty. In a perfect parent child relationship, the child would deeply love the parent, but remain awestruck by the parent’s position as parent.

4) Trust and believe. If you are doing 1, 2 and 3 above, don’t worry, and believe that every time you call out to God, He will answer you, and usually with something even better than what you ask for.

Do these and watch the blessings that flow into your life and your family!!

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