Preparing for Nineveh 90.  Starts Monday, February 13

Preparing for Nineveh 90. Starts Monday, February 13

The video, below, does a nice job categorizing this journey we about to embark upon. I’d like use his categories to help us prepare for Nineveh 90, which starts on Monday, February 13. If you have signed up, go to

1. Health and Wellness: In spiritual terms we refer to this as “mortification” which, literally, means “dying to yourself.” We are spending this time dying to the “junk habits” of our lives and embracing the “healthy habits” that will increase our “strength in the Lord and His mighty power” (Ephesians 6:10).

Doing this together with 1000s of others, gives us the extra incentive to persevere. Also, having an accountability group and/or buddy gives us that extra encouragement we all need to keep on keeping on. Take this time to work on all those healthy habits we tend to put off until tomorrow.

For me, I will be adding much more walking to my strength training program, and I will be eating only healthy foods, with a reduction of daily calorie intake. I will be eating small meals throughout the day to rev up my metabolism. You need to decide what “healthy direction” you need to take for yourself.

2. Prayer: Mass (more than days of obligation), frequent Confession and good basic daily habits of prayer are “best practices” for all who seek to be that “Strong Catholic.” These 90 days are a great time to get these “basics of our faith” more engrained as regular habits in our life.

As you can see by the photo for this article, I have just a couple of prayer books (find them HERE), my Combat Rosary, and a cup of coffee at my desk. This is where I choose to offer my morning prayers (mostly because I am near a computer for finding readings and reflections). Everyone is different. You may have a special area in your house set aside. Or, maybe offering a rosary in the car works best for you. However and wherever you choose, have your prayer book(s) or print out of prayers all ready, as you begin your Nineveh 90 journey.

3. Marian Devotion: In the first 54 days, we will all be praying the 54 Day Rosary Novena, and in the last 33 days, we will be preparing for our Marian Consecration on May 13, which is the 100th anniversary of Fatima. What a beautiful way for the 1000s us to, collectively, call out to Mary to seek her very powerful intercession.

All of these daily prayer and reflections will be emailed every day to those who sign-up for the emails at You can also find them posted everyday at If you like to take a book with you, the 54 Day prayers and reflections can be found in this book HERE.