Priest To Planned Parenthood: ‘Here Comes The Catholic Church’

Priest To Planned Parenthood: ‘Here Comes The Catholic Church’

Father John Hollowell:

“My parents chose sacrifice over selfishness. And because they chose to give me life. I have a say …

We have seen that you are a sworn enemy of the Catholic Church. You have set yourself in direct opposition to us. And, while that battle may have gone on quietly in the shadows in the past, our two sides now step into the ring. The gloves are off and we step into the spotlight to do battle with one another.

Before beginning, let me acknowledge that certainly you have every measurable advantage. The mainstream media is in your corner. The President of the United States is in your corner, as well. By every standard that is possibly measured by human eyes, you have the advantages. Just as the giant, Goliath, had every measurable advantage against a young boy named David … the battle is on … here comes the Catholic Church.”

H/T Breitbart

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