Randy Mack – “What should I do?!”

Randy Mack – “What should I do?!”

Randy Mack – “What should I do?!”

My good friend, Randy Mack, passed away two days ago after collapsing while cleaning his yard from the high winds we have had here.

Randy was on our leadership team for “Men of Christ” Madison. He was involved in just about everything in his parish. He reminded me of my parents, who practically lived at the parish. Randy (along with my parents) are the special Christians among us who, from a Holy Spirit fire within, constantly ask, “What should I do?! What should I do?!” – LUKE 3:10-18.

Souls like Randy’s are also those who look on with deep sorrow at friends and loved ones who have not yet discovered the amazing treasure souls like Randy have found.

Randy’s dedicated Catholic life was a preparation for his eternal reward. What should you do now, Randy? Walk through those pearly gates and, if we can muster the same enthusiasm you had for serving the Lord in every way you could, one day we will meet you there.


Randy’s Last Words

Another friend of mine just shared what were probably some of Randy Mack’s last words.

FRIEND: “Wanted to share this with you Fr. RICK. This was Randy Mack’s last text to me, the day before he passed away.”

RANDY MACK: “I forwarded this video because the subject matter really hit a hot button to me. I’ve been a religion teacher for 15 years and I have had the opportunity to teach the kids one hour per week. I found in MOST cases the families don’t follow through with even basic MASS attendance in subsequent years. So, how much can we really blame our Priests and teachers for the peoples ignorance of the faith when they don’t even take the time to listen to a 15 minute sermon every week? The truth of the Catholic faith is not sought out and enriched over subsequent decades. People stay at their 5th grade knowledge of their Catholic faith. Now that I’m in my 60s I realize this sad fact.

MOST of my friends (maybe your friends and loved ones too?) have sadly left the church decades ago. They do ‘believe’ in their version of Jesus Christ and like to pick and choose what they want to believe in … and this is where it gets interesting. When they’re questioned about their ‘version of Jesus’ versus the FULL TRUTH – with the more challenging directives – they get angry and/or dismissive and want to change the subject. And then they go to their judgment day in that state of rebellion.

And, this is what the Bible said as to the FEW that are saved. It all just makes sense to me now that I’m older and am kind of looking back over the last number of decades, seeing what has sadly transpired with the majority of my friends and loved ones. Something to really analyze in all of our lives is: On which path we are going to follow? … the WIDE one where MOST follow or the NARROW one where only a FEW dare tread?

Striving to stay in the State of Grace, grow in holiness and setting the goal of Sainthood toward the ultimate victory in Heaven is literally the hardest thing God calls ALL of us to do. Following Jesus Christ AND the teachings of the Catholic Church HE FOUNDED, is the key to eternal happiness!!!”

The video Randy shared with his friend in that text: