Resistance Training for Spiritual Combat – Friday, March 1st at St. Mary of Pine Bluff

Resistance Training for Spiritual Combat – Friday, March 1st at St. Mary of Pine Bluff

Resistance Training for Spiritual Combat


You and I are traversing through historic times. Fr. Robert Altier was correct in saying

St. Louis de Montfort told us that in these times, the latter times, he said that God is going to raise up the greatest Saints that we have ever seen. Even to the point, he said, that those Saints will tower over the Saints of the past the way that a cedar of Lebanon towers over a shrub. Think about some of the great Saints we have, and they are going to look like shrubs compared to what’s coming. And you can be one of those Saints. There is no reason why you can’t.

As we watch so much evil revealed all around us, even in our Church, people are asking,


There is no question that this is a VERY strong demonic force we are facing today … one that has managed to invade the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy. Just as the sexual revolution, and this age of excessive indulgence, was exploding in the 1960s, a new way of looking at our relationship with God was being ushered in by weak, world-comprosing leaders in the Church. Instead of calling us to strive for heroic virtue, we were being told that we were “victims” of our circumstances, and we simply cannot help but indulge our wants and desires. And, in fact, many in the hierarchy have been attempting to say some sins are no longer sins … because avoiding them is beyond our capability.

Precisely during the time this NuChurch was being ushered in, a real demonic force entered the world. On “witches night,” April 30, 1966, exactly 50 years from the Angel’s (St. Michael) appearance to the children in Fatima in 1916, Anton LaVey founded the “First Satanic Church” in San Francisco, CA. Required reading for members was “The Satanic Bible.” The central theme of the Satanic Bible is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

The famous Nike slogan – JUST DO IT! – was, essentially, a call to physical fitness. Yet, it became the motto of our modern culture. Basically, it seemed to morph into, “If it feels good, do it” … don’t deny yourself any comfort or form of pleasure, even if it rises to the level of sin” … “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

JUST STOP IT! – Resistance Training for Spiritual Combat!

It was Mary, at the Wedding of Cana, who beckoned her Son to expose Himself as our Savior. This first visible public action of turning bland water into delicious wine (representing the joy of the Holy Spirit) would come through the words in direct opposition to Satan: “Do whatever He tells you.” Mary was showing us “the way” into a blessed – Spiritual Combat Ready – Divine Life!

Acts of Reparation or Penance, strictly speaking, is a choice for some superior good at the expense of denying oneself an inferior good. So, in essence, we are saying, “Just Stop It!” Just stop serving our carnal passions and free ourselves from serving ourselves as a god to serve God and the “higher goals” God wants us to focus upon in our lives. This is our way of strengthening our “spiritual muscle,” making us more inclined to, “Do whatever He tells you.” God won’t “put us in the game” until we are ready to follow the game-plan and train to become supernaturally strong.

Doug Barry will be here to lead an amazing evening that focuses upon this “Resistance Training for Spiritual Combat!”



St. Mary of Pine Bluff
March 1, 2019

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6:00 PM – Adoration Begins & Angelus

6:05 PM – Solemn Vespers, Adoration & Confession

6:50 PM – Chaplet of Divine Mercy

7:00 PM – Doug Barry’s Talk

7:50 PM – Benediction

8:00 PM – Fraternal Social in Gym

Featuring:  Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum 

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