Satan’s On Our Couch

Satan’s On Our Couch


I believe in supernatural miracles. I pray for them and I count on them!!

I believe in the supernatural power of grace. I seek it constantly, and I can palpably know when it has grown weak in me or has left me. I seek it and I count on it … always!!

I believe we are more in sync with God when we, not only obey Him, but try to “obey Him well.” This is my understanding of the “fear of the Lord” … a fear of disappointing the One I love so much, and a fear of ever being separated from Him.

I believe God has given us “ways” to obey him, much like He asked Adam and Eve to refrain from the one tree. I am referring here to all of the beautiful devotions and sacramentals that ask us to humbly twiddle beads and repeat prayers, etc. Why? Because it forces us to let go of our haughty pride and “do it His way,” no matter how ridiculous the world finds it. So, I believe that is “what God is up to” with these.

I believe in the intercession of Mary and the Saints. I count on this Communion, and the many ways we take care of each other.

I believe it is one of the worst of all offenses unto God when we take our worship of Him lightly. Yes, I am primarily speaking about the Mass. Just as a military Honor Guard offers “precision” and “fine appearance” as a high form of gratitude to a fallen comrade, I too try to offer the very best of reverence, precision, beauty and everything that is “due” God.

And I believe it is no accident that the Sacred Heart of Jesus was manifested to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque at the exact time of the advent of the Enlightenment in the 17th century. Since then, while the world accelerated its rate of disbelief, the Catholic Church still remained strong … and, therefore, has been a firm foundation of support amidst a crumbling culture.

Satan stood at the doors of the Roman Catholic Church for all those years … first getting a toe in, then a leg … then his Deist/Modernist minions through the doors wide open in the years following the Council of Vatican II. Everything that points to the supernatural was discarded … and now Satan lounges on the couch of the soul of the Roman Catholic Church.

It’s time we boot him out the door!!

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