Secret Weapon for Increasing Mass Attendance: Serve Bacon at the Coffee Social

by Fr Richard Heilman | June 22, 2016 9:45 PM

SMITHFIELD, UT – What started as a joke at St Simeon the Sulfite parish has become a weekly staple because Mass attendance has gone through the roof.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Fr. Oscar Myers told AoftheA News. “Back in March, the Hospitality Committee facetiously suggested providing bacon at the coffee hour as an April Fool’s joke, to commemorate the end of Lent, you know? The following week, the parish office was swamped with calls and emails, asking if bacon would be served the following Sunday.”

They convened an emergency Parish Council meeting, and a unanimous decision was reached – bacon would be provided throughout the month of April.

“When I saw the Mass attendance numbers, though,” Fr Myers said, “we decided to make it permanent. Pre-bacon, we had 600 people at the 10:00 AM Mass. By the end of April, attendance had doubled. Parishioners complained they couldn’t get a seat or find a parking spot.”

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