Silence and Compliance Invites Defiance

Silence and Compliance Invites Defiance


All of our institutions have been captured by the woke ideology. They have accomplished this with little or no resistance. Why? I’ve always held that it is because the most trusted influencers, our spiritual leaders, are choosing to protect the “business.”

The spiritual leaders of our day have all but held the door open for these Marxist/socialist/atheist bullies, who thirst for power and control. The calculation among spiritual leaders, it seems, is that it is better to not upset the bullies, thus triggering their anger. Let’s just all get along, because “He gets us” and, of course, Jesus never got angry with anybody.

Yet, if one actually reads scripture, they see Him angry many times. Mainly with the spiritual leaders. We see in this Sunday’s Gospel that Jesus was the angriest – even flipping tables – once again, with the spiritual leaders of his day. For what? Turning the faith into a business.

In fact, Jesus was relentless in calling-out the spiritual leaders of his day. Because of that, they sought to cancel Him. But, Jesus showed us, although we may suffer for the sake of truth, we will rise more blessed than before.

Are we ready to place our trust in God and venture forth proclaiming the truth with the courage Jesus demonstrated?

Let’s start by encouraging and supporting our spiritual leaders to actually lead … to lead by openly, with clarity and charity, proclaiming the truth, even if the atheist bullies get angry.

Let’s unite in love and truth and ask God to HEAL OUR LAND!