MAHA Spiritual Warfare Campaign Commences on October 20

by Fr Richard Heilman | October 18, 2018 4:05 PM

We Are at War!!

The forces of evil know they are losing and are in full blown panic mode, and so we see this war raging all around us. Now, we see high level politicians advocating “mob violence” in order to gain power. Then we discovered that evil even planted the Arch of Baal on the grounds of our Nation’s Capitol[1], during the Kavanugh/Ford hearings. Now we come to find out that on the very day we are scheduled to begin this MAHA Spiritual Warfare Campaign (October 20), witches are gathering to place a hex on Justice Kavanough[2].

We all know that if this pure evil regains power, we are in terrible trouble. We simply must do everything we can to “stand in the breach,” beginning with our belief in the power of prayer.

Here’s the plan:

We are asking everyone to do, at least, numbers 1 thru 4 below. If at all possible, we would like as many as possible to go “Full On Spiritual Navy Seal” by doing all eight of these, every day from October 20 to November 6 (Election Day).

  1. Pray in a State of Grace (Go to Confession)
  2. Believe God will answer our prayers
  3. October 20 – October 28 – Novena #1 – Pray the St. Jude Prayer
  4. October 29 – November 6 – Novena #2 – Pray the Immaculate Conception Prayer
  5. Pray the Rosary Daily
  6. Add Penance (recommend follow-through on some “get-healthier” challenge)
  7. Pray the St. Michael Chaplet (Call upon St. Michael & Nine Choirs of Angels)
  8. Enlist 18 Saints & 18 Holy Souls into your Holy Alliance, and pray for 18 people in need of conversion (Learn how HERE[3])

I will send daily emails with the prayers and a reflection. Please sign-up HERE[4].

(If you have signed up for Novena for Our Nation or Nineveh 90, you should be signed up already)

Please Note:

You can read about this spiritual warfare campaign in greater detail HERE[5]

I’m “Giving Away” a Bottle of Epiphany Holy Water and 3 Green Scapulars to 1,000 Warriors. Order HERE[6]

Order the St. Michael Combat Chaplet I designed HERE[7]

Order the Combat Rosary I designed HERE[7]

Fr. Chad Ripperger is coming to my parish the weekend before Election Day. For more information, go HERE[8]

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