Stations of the Cross Reversed a Decision for Late Term Abortion

Stations of the Cross Reversed a Decision for Late Term Abortion

In 2010, UW Medical Clinic announced they were about to begin offering late term abortions. Of course, the whole pro-life community got out in front of the clinic to pray every day. This went on for quite some time, and the clinic was still not announcing they had begun that horrendous practice, but we feared that announcement was coming any day.

Then a parishioner of mine came up to me and said, “Father, we should do what we did in Pine Bluff … we should do the Stations of the Cross” (Pine Bluff had prayed a strip club out of town by praying the stations up and down the street for seven months. Read HERE). I said, “You are right … of course we should.”

We asked people to come, and over 200 showed up. We asked the Knights of Divine Mercy to hold images of each Station, and we set it up along the sidewalk in front of the clinic (The gentleman holding the Divine Mercy image is a WWII veteran). That day, there was a UW sporting event occurring, so the street was jammed with cars who watched these 200 people genuflect and stand, genuflect and stand, etc., etc.

Then only a few days later, the announcement came, “Univ. of Wis. Hospitals confirms it will end late-term abortion program.” Ad majored Dei Gloriam!

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