The Best Homily “I” Have Ever Given – Please Watch and Join the Movement!

The Best Homily “I” Have Ever Given – Please Watch and Join the Movement!

Please understand me … I am not saying this is the best homily ever given, I am saying this is the best homily “I” have ever given.

I have been, for so very long, trying to encapsulate my thoughts on the condition of the Church, and how we MUST proceed, but have felt like I have stumbled out of the gate every time.

For whatever reason, and I believe it is the Holy Spirit on this day we reflect on John 3:16, I was inspired today, in this brief 9 minutes, to expound on EXACTLY what needed to be said. Please watch!!


Here’s the clip (below) – I referred to in my homily – from the 1944 movie, “Christmas Holiday.”

“Awesome is this place. It is the House of God and the Gate of Heaven” — Genesis 28:17

And so, referring to Genesis 28:17,  every Catholic Mass should lead souls to understand and, therefore, “break through” to the Divine Life!


Where Do We Go From Here?

WE NEED A “JOHN THE BELOVED MOVEMENT” – In every parish, a strong and exceedingly charitable group of parishioners need to PUBLICLY “stand with” priests (just as John the Beloved “stood with” Christ at the Cross) who are making efforts to enrich the Ordinary Form in their parishes. No longer can we allow the loud and aggressive voices – those who will destroy any priest who dares add reverence to the Mass – maintain their power and control … and, unfortunately, control the bishops.

RALLY THE INFLUENCERS – We NEED to bring together all the “Catholic Influencers” in today’s Church to stand together and approach the bishops in a GREAT appeal to restore the Mass to its robustly reverent state again.

Look at what Dr. Scott Hahn said, just yesterday:

April 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Renowned author and Scripture scholar extraordinaire Scott Hahn says he’s not sure there’s anyone who has been shepherding Catholics as “courageously” as Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and Bishops Athanasius Schneider have.


Scott Hahn said, “I think we have got to rethink almost everything from the ground up to realize that this Catholic faith is the only thing that will make sense out of our lives and our world and our own sins and the sinfulness of this world. And I believe that’s exactly what Archbishop Viganò was getting at, as well as Cardinal Burke. And, I say, Archbishop Schneider’s book has opened my eyes to this as much as anything I’ve ever read. So thank you for pointing to those three good shepherds. There are a lot of others as well, thank God, but I’m not sure there are anyone who has been shepherding the flock are courageously as those three.”

PRAY AS NEVER BEFORE IN THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES – Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, we are living through the greatest battle of spiritual warfare in the 2,000-year history of our Church. This has much to do with the advent of “high speed information.” And, there is no question that the vast majority of “influencers” in our culture are in league with the devil, as they promote everything that “diametrically opposes the will of God.” And, because of their power, religious leaders placate them or even encamp with them, or flee in “silent self-protection” (see disciples as Jesus was arrested). If we miss this opportunity to “take stock” during this “distancing from our Eucharistic Christ,” there is no telling what God will be left to do to “get our attention” and call us to conversion.

Fr. Bill Peckman, eloquently, sounded this alarm and calls us (especially all of the Catholic influencers of our time) to this movement NOW:

“We live in unprecedented times where throughout the world public Masses have been suspended. We are in exile. Now is the time for the full-throated call to repentance of every Catholic, clergy and laity alike. Now is the time for a return to our first love, Jesus Christ. We call for repentance from our regular desecration of the day of the Lord, for our widescale abandonment of the Confessional, for the regularity of the reception of the Eucharist outside a state of grace, for our compromise with secular morality, for our sub-standard catechesis, for our worship robbed of its sense of transcendence, for our failures in the Great Commission, and for our harboring and covering-up of criminal and nefarious behavior. Now is the time for us to rend our hearts and return to the Lord with a full and undivided heart. Exile is a time for repentance and humility. Let us turn to the Lord, especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that when this exile is ended we may arise anew to the fullness of the truth that is Jesus Christ.”

Please join and promote this movement in any way you can!!