The Democratic Party Has Been Infiltrated by Demonic Powers

The Democratic Party Has Been Infiltrated by Demonic Powers

The Democratic Party Has Been Infiltrated by Demonic Powers

It is my conclusion – and I pray it is yours – that the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by demonic powers.

First, we know that Satanism and Witchcraft have accelerated in popularity in recent decades. We’ve witnessed holiday parades and Super Bowl halftime shows filled with Satanic themes. Hollywood popularizing Satanism set in motion a new fad or trend, especially among youth, to explore and enter into Satanic rituals. Today, the demand for exorcisms is so high, the Vatican is training more priests to perform the sacred ritual.

Way back in 1987, during my seminarian Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) internship, I discovered Witchcraft was already wildly popular among many of the staff at the mental health facility there. Nature lovers, which aptly described that staff, are especially vulnerable to entering the occult. Today, witchcraft has surpassed, in number, the Episcopalian Church in America with 1.5 million witches.

What is easy to deduce is that, whether it is Satanists or Witches or radical Leftists, they absolutely hate “devout” Christians, and everything they stand for … the “truly devout” (Dogma Lives Loudly) are the greatest threat to their Leftist agenda. For love of the demonic Democratic platform, Satanists and Witches, today, are typically tireless foot soldiers for the Democratic Party. Conversely, 100% of “truly devout” Christians have gravitated over to the Republican Party, as the Democratic Party platform betrayed the will of God more and more over time. Yes, there may be many “in name only” Christians among the Democrats, but these are the ones who “use” religion to build their personal brand (See Joe Biden) while they betray the will of God at every turn.

The High Commandment of Satanists (and anyone separated from God) is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” In other words, “If it feels good, do it … and the will of God be damned.”

This demonic infiltration of the Democratic Party has advanced (progressed) over the past 50 years. It is entirely plausible for one to say that the portal to this demonic influence occurred in 1973 with Roe v. Wade. Some might even make a pretty good case that the portal opened in 1965 with Griswold v. Connecticut, and the legalization of the birth control pill. Whichever it was, I do believe that was the era the portal was opened, and the demonic spirits of sexual hedonism and radical secular narcissism entered into our culture, primarily through the complicit Democratic Party.

I could write a book, laying out all of the evidence to justify my assertion that the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by demonic powers. But, let’s just look at the “past four years” …


Here’s My Premise

First, here’s my premise: We all know that most Catholics were Democrats back in the 1960s. This was when the Democratic Party was known to be the party of the working class, and the working class were almost all church-goers, at the time. So, virtues like honesty and humility and integrity were integral of being a Democrat. However, over the past 50 years, all of those virtues have been eradicated from the Democratic Party and, now, “Do what thou wilt,” especially for seizing power, has become the Party’s “High Command.” Now, having embraced this Satanic “High Command,” the “end justifies the means” has become the “Method of Operation” for the Democratic Party.

What this means is that we are no longer merely talking about “political battles” (as it was in the 1960s). Literally, this has become spiritual warfare, or as Joe Biden dishonestly proclaims: “A battle for the soul of America!” The Democrats have allowed themselves to become the “children of darkness.” We must now become a fierce united force of the “Crusaders of Light,” as we seek to reclaim surrendered ground.


Here’s the Proof

So, what have we witnessed over the past four years that is clear evidence that the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by demonic powers?

First, it begins with this … I have come to understand that, of all the 17 candidates for the Republican Party, in the run-up to the 2016 election, there was only one who would not compromise with, what has become, a demonically influenced Democratic Party. Every one of the other 16 candidates would have “played ball” (compromised) with the evil agenda of the “Demonic Democrats.” President Trump proved himself to be a “wrecking ball” to the ruling class, who runs the Democratic Party. Very early on, the evil ruling class and their Democratic Party understood this, and so Trump was a “real and present danger” to their evil agenda, and must be removed “at all costs.” At times, they seemed panicked about this need to GET HIM OUT!

So, especially for those who are holding on to the inconceivable notion that this remains the Democratic Party of the 1960s, ask yourself this:

Would it be at all possible for a 1960s Democratic to do any one of the following?

A four-year coup d’état through Russian disinformation and a sham impeachment.


Four years of Main Stream Media’s collusion with the radical secular Left by 24/7 minute-by-minute (daily “Bombshells”) obsession with vilifying the President in any way they could find. 99.9% would later be discovered as lies. Over 95% negative coverage of the President, while ignoring any of the President’s accomplishments.


Four years of Big Tech and Main Stream Media cover-ups and censorship to protect the agenda of the radical secular Left.


Inciting women to hate through a women’s march (“cat” hats and all), the day after inauguration.


Madonna planting the idea of blowing up the White House to would-be terrorists.


Kathy Griffin inciting would-be assassins by holding up the President’s severed head.


Johnny Depp inciting would-be assassins by asking when the last time an actor assassinated the President.


Robert de Niro yelling “F” Trump” at the Tony Awards and getting a standing ovation.


Virtually all so-called comedy shows obsess with nothing but a Trump hate fest.


A play in Central park paid with public funding, inciting would-be assassins by actually showing the assassination of President Trump.


And then, believe it or not, an actual assassination attempt of five Republican Senators who were shot on a ballfield.


Nancy Pelosi, in a grandstand action, stands and tears up her copy of the State of the Union Address.


Maxine Walters inciting people to harass the President’s followers in restaurants, etc.


The President’s spokesperson kicked out of a restaurant.


A Trump top aid is verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.


Trump supporters threatened or even physically attacked. Many did not put out an election yard sign for fear of their house burned down, or some form of violence. There were, at least, widespread reports of stolen Trump signs.


Trump supporters doxed, and/or fired from their jobs.


Wearing a hat supporting the President is outlawed just about everywhere, including public schools. Trump hat wearing, Nick Sandman, is vilified by just about every media outlet.


During the year 2020 (an election year), politicians and main stream media collude in inciting domestic terrorism (framing terrorism as heroism) in the form of violent riots that would see the burning and looting of family businesses, tearing down statues, and assaulting people, including police.

And, now, it may come to pass that this demonically influenced Democratic Party will get their way, once again, using their bully “end justifies the means” method to steal a Presidential election.

As I said, for far too many years, we have duped ourselves into believing this is merely a “political battle.” THIS IS NOT!!

Now is the time for us to become proficient at using all the tools and tactics of SPIRITUAL WARFARE!!




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