The Devil’s Big Three

The Devil’s Big Three

INTERESTING INSIGHT – I find it interesting that there are three topics that seem so off limits – “taboo” – that one receives such a visceral response from their defenders that one risks having one’s reputation destroyed by those who will resort to utter cruelty to, seemingly, punish those who attempt to throw light on any of these topics. Some people might say that one even risks one’s life by venturing into this forbidden territory.

Here are the three …

1) The Gay Agenda: Pointing out how the “cultural elites” (Hollywood, academia, main stream media, government, etc.) are slowly but surely (often so subtle it goes unnoticed) attempting to institutionalize such ideas and beliefs as gay behavior and, now, same-sex marriage. The following gives an account of the impressive (but sad) strategy used over the past 30 years to gain public acceptance of homosexual behavior.  Go HERE

At a spiritual level, many understand that this is the topic that will elevate the mere mocking of religion to a condoning of physical assaults, and even martyrdom. That’s just how protected this topic seems to be. Devout Catholics usually comment on this topic by saying, “the persecution is about to begin.”

2) Promotion of and widespread increase of Satanism and Witchcraft: It’s everywhere now … our halftime shows, Grammys, music, movies … it’s even on the Hollywood elite’s clothing and tattooed on their bodies. And, yet, we are accused of looking under every rock for the devil if we dare talk about this. As widespread as it is, it remains difficult to find credible sources on the Internet who want to “go there” with this topic. What (or who) are they afraid of?

Here’s one source: HERE

Make no mistake – the youth are immersing themselves in this. Here’s just one story someone recently shared with me …

“When I was in junior high I started hanging out and getting high with some of my older brothers’ friends. They would “play around” with ouija boards and tarot cards. They would get dropped off at “youth group” at church – go in the front door and out the back into the woods for sex, drugs, and booze. They would brand each other with pentagram rings and even sacrifice small animals. I never participated in it – cause I was the “little brother” – but they would talk about the Black Mass all the time. There was an older guy – our dealer – in his late twenties who claimed to be a wizard and showed us his pyx (I didn’t know what it was at the time) that he would use, because the priest at the Catholic Church he went to wouldn’t pay much attention, “well, they have a pyx, they must be legit!” He even said he could find hosts after most Masses on the floor or sometimes between hymnal pages, like bookmarks. I remember that, when he opened it to show us, he told us it was Jesus and that we were gonna “have a party” with him….well, I chickened out and went back to “youth” group – a couple nights later…our friend, after the “Jesus party” with the “wizard”, decapitated his sleeping aunt with a samurai sword because he “heard voices” telling him to…she was a regular Mass-attending woman; the only one left in the family. He’s locked up in a mental institution for life. When I started learning about Catholicism, I always remembered that awful time, and couldn’t – can’t – shake the feeling that my friend opened himself up to demonic possession by participating in the Black Mass that night…there were no drugs in his system when they arrested him that night.”

3) Any movement to make the Mass more reverent: Who doesn’t know that priests who take the steps to transform the entertainment based circuses some call the Mass – going on in far too many parishes – into something that is more fitting; offering due reverence to God – receive astonishing backlash from parishioners. Many of these parishioners will take steps to calumniate these priests, in an effort to render these priests ineffectual. Others will simply leave the parish (many whose ancestors have been going there for over a century). Priests are even shunned by their own brother priests (personally, I have had lifelong friends decide THIS is the deal breaker to end our friendship … that stings a bit, to say the least). So, if a priest decides more reverence is needed in his parish, he automatically knows he will be persecuted. Devout Catholics understand this as they are always quick to offer extra prayers (oftentimes to St. Michael) for any priest they see who is taking the step to add reverence to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

So, there you have it – The Gay Agenda, Satanism and Witchcraft, and Irreverent Masses. These are the devil’s BIG THREE. But, don’t you dare talk about them … unless you are brave.