The Evangelization I Do – Whenever I Am Out, “I Go Fishing”

by Fr Richard Heilman | October 5, 2022 12:29 PM

The Evangelization I Do

I was at Planned Parenthood. Jerry, the security guard, has been in my evangelization crosshairs for a very long time.

Step One: I’ve spent a great deal of time building a relationship with Jerry. During that time, I remain non-threatening, not giving him any impression I am trying to reel him in. Just become friends, for now.

Step Two: Discover his “wheelhouse.” What interests Jerry? In the course of our conversations, he has shown interest in things such as “safety” found in his line of work and in such things as law enforcement and military.

Step Three: Share fascinating stories of “God in action.” So, stories of ways I’ve seen God answer prayers, etc. These are stories that make most people marvel at the reality of our miraculous God. Just today, I was able to add another story of my sister with cancer, and how I fasted for 5 days and she was told she was in remission on day 5. Something like fasting for five days sends a signal of the depth of my love for God. I let my joy RADIATE!

Step Four: Appeal to Jerry’s wheelhouse. I spoke with Jerry about the thousands joined together doing spiritual warfare. How it is not unlike physical wars we battle, and how all these souls, joined together, believe their prayers are mighty and I share stories about the real results we have witnessed through our spiritual warfare efforts. This is where I showed him my Combat Rosary, and handed one off to him, telling him he will receive blessings just by carrying it (non-threatening). I told him it was touched to a relic of the True Cross. He glowed when receiving it.

Step Five: This is where I talk with him about the POWER of worship – The Mass – done with GREAT reverence that says “We actually believe God is truly Present.” This is when I ask Jerry to “check it out some time.” Again, non-threatening … just come see for yourself. You see, I adamantly believe the “encounter with the Transcendent” is the “key that unlocks” entrance into the Divine Life … this is where conversion ACTUALLY occurs. This is key for me. Evangelization will not occur at Masses with shorts, tee shirts, flip-flops, entertainment and grabbing the host like a potato chip. Just sayin’

Jerry and I are currently on “Step Four.” But, this has been my “Tactic” for the butcher, fast food clerk, waitress …. wherever I go. I’m at various steps with various people. Most souls are where Jerry is. They don’t want a scripture passage blurted out at them. They know evil is rising at an historic level, and they want a “real religion” that has “real power.” … they want to find hope in an “all-powerful God.” We have that!!! We just need to help souls know about it.

Whenever I am out, “I go fishing.” 🙂

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