The Kitchen Table of True Americans

The Kitchen Table of True Americans


A few days ago, I sat around the kitchen table with some children (now adults) and their father – a wonderful man who had just lost his wife of 64 years of marriage. They summed up her life as simply being totally selfless. I could see that “choice” had rubbed off on everyone around that table. These were “rural folk,” as they say.

At one point in our conversation, I mustered up as much sincerity as I could when I told them …

“I grew up in suburban Madison, WI, about 12 miles from here. I was surrounded by some pretty good people, and I have no complaints about them. But, it wasn’t until I became a priest that I had the ‘privilege’ to go outside that ‘suburban bubble’ and meet rural people. I have to admit, I was ‘shocked.’ And, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean, I have never met such down-to-earth, unpretentious, self-effacing, humble … and completely generous in their understanding that life is all about ‘seeing need and taking care of it’ … no questions asked. I want to aspire to be you.”

I’m thinking about them, now, as I watch the condition of our culture. You see, these people around that kitchen table, and those like them, are true ambassadors of what it means to be an American.

Yet, what I am watching, right now, is an invasion of their opposites. We are being invaded by those whose highest priority is to continue to receive invitations to the cocktail parties of the elites. In other words, they aspire, not to “care for others” but to ingratiate themselves with those who want to “control others.” They want power and they want “status.” They want to believe they “know better” than that family around that kitchen table. Well, they don’t understand 1/100th of what those souls around that table comprehend about how life is to be lived.

I told those around that kitchen table that I believe President Trump, while campaigning, went outside his “New York bubble,” and met them, and everyone like them, and it changed him (I felt free to bring his name up, because I knew they appreciated him). I watched as he, as they say, “red pilled,” and now understood that people like those around that kitchen table were what America was really all about. He recognized that the elites were abusing these “true Americans.” And so, like Constantine, he began to fight for them. And, this “fighting for Americans” is what put a giant target on his back, making him “public enemy #1.” They lied, and they cheated to get him out.

I saw their pain from having just lost a wife and mother, but I also recognized their pain of being abused by a “cocktail party loving” elite ruling class.


This is all about fighting for a “true America” that is found in families like the one around that kitchen table, who truly understands what Jesus meant when he said, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

I can’t express how deeply I mean this when I say, “I thank God for giving me the privilege of being exposed to ‘true Americans,’ so prevalent in ‘rural folk.'”

I will fight with my last dying breath to denounce, and diminish the power of the self-centered “cocktail party elites” who are abusing these beautiful “true Americans.”