The Miracle of the Two Junes

by Fr Richard Heilman | September 15, 2020 3:55 AM

This past September 6, I was thinking a lot about my mom. You see, this day was her birthday. Mom would have been 90-years-old. The photo of her in this article shows her, probably as engaged or a newlywed with my dad, which would have been not too long after WWII.

My mom was amazing! She was strict with us, but only because her level of love sought to draw the best out of us. And, she was very generous with her tender side, as well. I was third of seven children, and always “half-joked” with my siblings that I was her favorite (I actually think I was 😉 ). As I entered my adulthood, we fostered a wonderful friendship. My mom was my best friend and confidant.

Mom entered eternal life at the young age of 63. She suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm, and bled out, internally. I was only 5 years a priest at the time. Up to then, my days off were spent over at mom and dad’s, and mom and I would end up at the kitchen table with our coffee cups, as we solved all the problems of the world.

Since mom passed, our relationship changed, but remained. I still talk with her, and I often feel she still gives me advice.

So, there I was on September 6, thinking about and talking with mom. Shortly after morning Mass, I went on to social media (among other things, most people check for my Confessional availability thru social media), and the first post I saw was from a very good friend and parishioner, who lives just down the street. Turns out, she went into labor around 3:00am that morning, which was before her due date. Her husband, also my good friend, was away, at the time. The mom in labor got help from some friends, while her husband high-tailed it back home.

When mom, dad and new baby were all together, they felt a strong call – these are deeply spiritual people – to name the baby a rather old-fashioned and rarely, if ever, seen name today. They named their child “June.” Then it came to them that the middle name should be “Mary.”

As I am reading this post, my jaw dropped, and typed in the comments, “That’s my mom’s name.” They were floored, “Really?! We’re freaking out over here!” Then I said, “There’s more … Today is my mom’s birthday.” We were all stunned.

Sometimes God doesn’t just whisper, He shouts!! 😉

This past Sunday, I got to hold little June Mary. I think they realize that will be an “every Sunday thing.” 😉

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