The New Media vs. Old Media War!  It’s On!!!

The New Media vs. Old Media War! It’s On!!!

Here is the latest video from Center for Medical Progress. As Fr. Longenecker says, this “is the clearest proof yet that Planned Parenthood are not only selling baby parts, but they are doing so intentionally and that they know it is illegal and they know it would be a public relations disaster if the news gets out.”

Fr. Longenecker goes on to say, “View the video and share as widely as possible because you know there will be a mainstream media blackout.”

Fr. Longenecker is absolutely correct. According to the self-styled elites of our culture, the “unwashed masses” (us) are to be spoon fed what we need to know, and denied access to what “they determine” we do not need to know.

OMalleyGoingMyWayInstead, we are given a steady diet of reality TV, which attempts to normalize the worst possible representation of the human condition. Gone are the days of elevating humanity by presenting movie and TV characters of great morals and character and virtue. No … that would “empower” the people, and they need to be kept in a weakened, dependent and more manageable condition.

It’s interesting that Russia is actually taking the opposite tactic in their approach to their people. Recently, Russia banned the largest internet porn hub. They’ve also banned overtly sexual content in movies and TV and they give official assistance to the church in evangelization. Even if Russia can be accused of nefarious tendencies, they have long believed that building a strong army begins with building men of strong character. 

I’m not advocating for communism or Russia or anything of the sort. I am merely pointing out two opposing philosophies. One (ours) attempts to control us by “keeping us down and uninformed and dependent” … they control the message. The other (Russia, et al.) attempts to control by restricting freedoms “they deem” are not for the betterment of the building up of humanity … they control the laws. Both of these tactics are imperfect. But, right now, ours seems to be doing the most harm.

However, the “unwashed masses” have found a way to revolt against the propaganda and indoctrination of the liberal elites. New media has given them a way to “get the truth out.” At least until the elites find a way to take control of new media, we have found a way to speak out against the false narrative imposed on us. Moreover, we have been freed to circulate content that edifies and informs.

Maybe this is the most perfect system we can ever expect. While the East remains oppressive, and while the West doles out all of the slimy and degrading stuff they can to keep us down, while concealing and lying … we have found the effective tool to rise above it all … we have new media.

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