The Pagans Have Moved In – Where Are the John the Baptists?

The Pagans Have Moved In – Where Are the John the Baptists?

The Pagans Have Moved In – Where Are the John the Baptists?

I get a kick out of reminding folks that I share a birthday with John the Baptist – June 24. Add to that, this year Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24, which was also, this year, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Is God pointing a spotlight on John the Baptist this year? Now, during Advent, many of the Gospel readings point to John the Baptist. Giving me more opportunities to brag about sharing his birthday (LOL).

On a more serious note, I look at our times today and I think even more about this brave man who “testified to the truth” (John 5:33), even when such truth threatened those in power. Moreover, John was unconcerned, like Jesus, about tone and manner, as they both referred to those in power and control as a “Brood of Vipers” (among other things). Ultimately, John would be beheaded for his unwavering dedication to truth.

Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has been enticing souls to rise above God; to be superior to God, and to produce their own idea of truth: “…your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5). In modern parlance, Satan could say, “Your eyes will be opened and will become WOKE.”

In this context, “woke” and “paganism” are synonymous. It is a kind of counter-religion that stands against the truths of Sacred Scripture; against the will of God.

Those who wish to evangelize the world into their pagan “woke” religion, know that they must secure all levers of power and influence, in order to succeed. Not bound by the truths of God, they are free to use any means necessary to secure this power and control. In other words, they are totally free to lie, cheat and steal, as their end (which is control) justifies their means.

Ultimately, the rulers of this pagan “woke” religion seek to make their doctrine, which opposes God, the “new normal.” And they have been wildly successful in our times. Why? Because, during this information age when the pagans have seized control of nearly every lever of influence, we lack John the Baptists who are willing to risk everything, even their lives, to testify to the truth. Out of fear, our primary source of influence – our religious leaders – have chosen to remain mostly silent. With this silence from those who are called to lead, the laity are left to believe this new anti-God doctrine is to be accepted as the “new normal.”

One startling compliance is the bishops even canceling or disciplining priests who testify to the truth, upon the objections of the adherents of the pagan “woke” religion. Not only are these brave priests silenced, but it is meant to spark a “chilling effect” into any priest who dares to offend those of the pagan “woke” religion. An effective tactic of the pagans who object is to call it “politics” when, like John the Baptist, these brave priests call out those in power who are attempting to indoctrinate the masses into their pagan doctrine. This grants the bishops license to punish these priests, as a way to appease the pagans who object.

The pagans in power have demonstrated their profound lust for power as they have even resorted to dismantling anything that grants the masses any sense of self-sufficiency. With this demonic tactic, those in power will blow up the economy, overwhelm the country with millions of illegal aliens, incite domestic terrorism, abuse a virus to inflict fear and compliance, disparage law enforcement and grant leniency to criminals to raise the level of crime, flood the nation with deadly narcotics, and humiliate, cancel, and squash any detractors of their pagan “woke” religion.

These are historic times. The pagan “woke” religion is fully in control, and all of us are watching family and friends being swept away while our spiritual leaders stand on the edge of the pasture watching the wolves devour them all. NO! I do not want to just sit idly by and accept a “new normal” that we live in a “post-Christian era.”

I wish I could just push a button that would fix everything. The only thing I know to do is to “testify to the truth” as my birthday-buddy, John the Baptist, modeled for us … come what may.

But, first and foremost, while the devil dismantles, we are called to dwell under Mary’s Mantle. Our Mom is the supreme intercessor and protector. She is our “Mama Bear” who crushes the serpent’s head. She is the New Eve who stands against WOKE.

Let’s pray for our bishops and priests that they, as the first bishops did on Pentecost, gain the courage to get out from behind that door in the upper room and out into the face of the evil influencers of the pagan “woke” religion. Come, Holy Spirit!