The Very Root of the Matter

The Very Root of the Matter

Many have tried to convince me that the Republicans are liberals in conservative clothing. I have resisted. My greatest weakness is my high level of trust for people (my sister is constantly reminding me of that weakness 😉 ).

This presidential election has gone a long way to expose what I have refused to believe. I’m not saying I am now totally convinced, but I am mostly there.

Here’s what I believe is the heart of the matter …

Whatever religion is left in America, has become secularized. Our own Catholicism, which is the bedrock of all of Christianity (if you believe it was instituted by the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity), has almost completely lost the trigger gift of the Holy Spirit – Fear of the Lord. See this recent article I wrote: HERE.

In other words, devoid of awe and wonder before the supernatural, we are left with thin gruel for religion, in terms of impacting and inspiring people to heroic virtue above and, many times, against worldliness.

I believe we are already diminished to that prophesied very tiny remnant which is not defined by what denomination in which you belong or what Mass you attend, but by those who are truly “God Fearing” disciples.

This is not a time to despair, but to do the “Nineveh Thing.” We simply MUST pray and fast and call upon the powerful intercessory prayers of our Lady.

But, we must also “act” …

All of us must do some intensive soul searching to discern what gifts God has given each of us, and how we can offer those to participate in helping our people open themselves to the trigger gift of “Fear of the Lord” … awe and wonder and love and dedication and devotion to the Lord. So, for example, if you can sing, form and/or join a choir to offer glorious “sacred” music. And so forth, and so on.

These are the times you and I live in … this is the hand you and I have been dealt. When you meet your Maker on Judgment Day, don’t deceive yourself into believing He won’t ask how YOU used the gifts He gave you to assist in turning the ship around.

Am I missing anything here???

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