To My Brother Priests (And Bishops): We Have an “Eternal Life Changing” Decision to Make

To My Brother Priests (And Bishops): We Have an “Eternal Life Changing” Decision to Make

TO MY BROTHER PRIESTS (And Bishops): We Have an “Eternal Life Changing” Decision to Make

If I’m reading Sacred Scripture correctly, if we are doing it right, we are called to be strong leaders, unafraid to speak the truth, who will then have a totally dedicated army under our charge, who are resolved to protect the innocent from all harm, including the harm of those propagandists who encircle them with their temptations to betray God. We are to train up this army in our charge in all the ways to “be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10). This well-trained army will be willing to give their very lives for this mission to “protect the innocent.”

At the same time, my brothers, we will be fiercely hated by those who see us as a “real and present danger” to those who seek to betray God.

Some will see the heroism of this army, and decide they must join ranks, if they are ever to find true meaning and purpose in their lives. Others will dedicate themselves to destroy us.

Knowing this, we have an “eternal life changing” decision to make: We could choose to remain silent and hidden and, therefore, avoid inciting the anger of those who betray God, while we watch our flocks being devoured. Or, we can choose to fight for the innocent with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, knowing the enemy will launch horrible attacks in our direction, looking to “take us out.”

Fr, John Hardon wrote:

“Never in the history of Christianity has the Church needed holy people more than in our day. … The murder of innocent unborn children has become the law of most of the once-civilized nations of the world. The propagation of untruth and the consequent multiplication of evil have no counterpart in any previous period in human history.


There is no other solution for the crisis of our age than for holy people to be channels of grace to a world that is starving for divine truth and dying out of thirst for the love of God.


This is the mission of the Holy Spirit as we approach the twenty-first century. It is nothing less than producing saints among Christians in every state of life. Ordinary bishops, ordinary priests, ordinary religious, ordinary fathers and mothers, ordinary Catholics will not even survive the massive revolution through which the Church is going in our day. We need heroic Catholics, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, to restore even sanity in the modern world.”

We. Need. Heroic. Catholics!!

I can’t explain it, and I pray you are in the same place … and, maybe it’s how those felt who ran to the enlistment stations after the Pearl Harbor bombing … but all I know is that, I’M GOING IN!