“This is the Town of Self-Deification” by Mark Nowakowski

“This is the Town of Self-Deification” by Mark Nowakowski

From Mark Nowakowski

This article tells one part of the Weinstein story. The other and perhaps more important part is this: We shouldn’t be surprised when a privileged sub-culture built and run and populated largely by the self-serving, amoral, and religion-less elite would turn out to in fact be a place where people lived as if there was no objective truth, no morality, and no REAL REASON to do anything more than feign allegiance to a human dignity that they don’t even believe in. We shouldn’t be surprised when the powerful gatekeepers who enable women to make a career out of being objects ask for a personal experience of this objectification, or that other such abuses of power are par for the course. We shouldn’t even be surprised when soul-less pedophiles prey on child stars while their parents look away. This is, after all, the sub-culture where Communism has long held sway, where no marriage is safe and where you’re either in rehab, going back to rehab, or about to go to rehab for the first time. It is the place where Tarantino-esque super violence is art but a filmed realization of a medieval Passion vision is somehow too violent to even be officially recognized. It is the place where a Meryl Streep can sustain her career on the mocking of our President, just shy of having called the industry’s greatest serial abuser “a god.” This is the town of self-deification, and it is the town which has both provided the propaganda for AND funded the party which has ran headlong towards the demoralization of the west.

They knew and didn’t say. They knew and continued to fawn. They knew but continued to act the part of our moral superiors. Why? Because their end game, in their eyes – along with the building and maintenance of their own modern small fiefdoms – is worth any price.

And I haven’t even gotten to the part about Roman Polanski.

Now what about the back halls of politics? It will be more of the same. On the right, yes, but especially on the left.

So don’t be surprised. Don’t even play along with the pity party. Rather, realize that this is the society being built by the people who are convinced that they are better than you, better even than God, and that you have an opportunity now to flatly reject it all with one amazingly simple gesture: turning off your television set. We all serve a cause, and ultimately a person.


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