USGF Special Operations – 54 Day Novena for Reparation Amidst the Crisis in the Church

USGF Special Operations – 54 Day Novena for Reparation Amidst the Crisis in the Church

“When people say the Rosary together, it is far more formidable to the devil, than one said privately. Because in this public prayer, it is an army that is attacking him. He can often overcome the prayer of an individual, but if this prayer is joined to other Christians, the devil has much more trouble in getting the best of it.” -St Louis de Montfort.

What is needed now, more than ever, is to grow an enormous United States Grace Force that is strong in the Lord and in his mighty power (Eph. 6:10). This is what makes the Grace Force the elite fighting force that it is: Every last soul in this remnant Grace Force has an unwavering belief in the supernatural power of God. This is “key.” It is, literally, the key that opens the door to the Divine Life; to a supernaturally powered life in a state of grace.

With this greatest of needs in mind, we have launched a new branch of the United States Armed Forces:

The United States Grace Force (USGF)

(Please recruit family and friends to enlist!)

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(currently, there are approximately 50,000 “believing” souls enlisted in the USGF)


Why Reparation at this Moment in History?

The start time for this 54 Day Rosary Novena was chosen to coincide with Day One of the Vatican’s Worldwide Meeting of Bishops on the Abuse Crisis on February 21-24. In case you are not tuned in, here is what we are facing …

Since October 5, 2017 (Feast of St. Faustina), and the first exposé of Harvey Weinstein which launched the #meetoo movement, it seems every bit of evil and corruption, that gained power under the cover of darkness, has since seen a revealing light shone upon it. The old adage seems to be true: “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Could it be that God is responding to our prayers by granting us the “sunlight” needed to clearly see the enemy we face and proceed to fight against these moral evils?

The Catholic Church would not avoid this “sunlight.” Notice the dates of Marian Feasts and Marian saints …

The New York Times, on July 16, 2018 (Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel), published a front-page story detailing alleged abuse of two seminarians by Cardinal McCarrick in the 1980s that resulted in settlements to both men. This was followed by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report (August 14, 2018) on the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, which was also the eve of the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption and the beginning of the 2018 54-Day Novena for Our Nation. Just days later, on August 22 (the Feast of the Queenship of Mary), Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano penned an explosive letter implicating Pope Francis and several senior prelates in covering up Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s alleged sexual abuse of seminarians and priests.

As the world looked on in horror, the USCCB looked forward to taking significant steps at their annual Fall General Assembly (Nov. 12-14). At the last minute, the Vatican directed the United States bishops to hold off on measures that aimed to address the sexual abuse crisis in the U.S. Church. The Holy See asked the USCCB to table these measures, in leiu of the global meeting of the conference presidents that the Holy Father has called for February 21-24, 2019 (February 21 – Feb. 23 in old calendar – is the Feast of St. Peter Damian).

CALL TO ACTION – REPARATION 54: We need to pray … and pray HARD!! To all the United States Grace Force, I write to you to ask you to join in this very important 54 Day Rosary Novena called, “Reparation 54.”

In the event of Fatima, the request for reparation is persistent. The Angel (St. Michael) calls to sacrifice and prayer “for the reparation of sins by which [God] is offended.” The Lady of the Rosary also calls to self-giving “for the reparation of sins by which God is offended.” In June, the three children noticed a heart in the “immense light” irradiated from the Lady, which they believe to be the “Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.”

We are asking for three commitments from the United States Grace Force for this Special Operations mission entitled, “Reparation 54” (February 21 – April 15):

  1. Reflect on the daily meditations and pray the 54 Day Rosary Novena by using the traditional prayers that go with it (see daily emails and/or social media posts beginning Feb. 21. Also, found on If you haven’t already, join the United States Grace Force Facebook Group HERE.
  2. Do your best to incorporate the USGF strength practices. Found HERE.
  3. Reparation: Incorporate, at least, one act of reparation. It is recommended that you tackle a dominant fault. For example, this can even mean working on physical health (diet, exercise, etc.).

If you have not done so already, please pre-order the brand new United States Grace Force Prayer Book HERE.

Are you in?

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