We Need a “Theological Think Tank”

We Need a “Theological Think Tank”


I’ve been studying and reflecting upon the current situation in the Church. You know, all of the confusing ambiguity out of the Vatican (seeming heresy), along with fearful “silent” prelates, that has left the faithful, at the very least, confused and, at most, raging in anger.

While we “occasionally” hear from some of the spiritual giants of our times (Burke, Sarah, Schneider, Arinze, et. al), we, for the most part, get hyperbolic slander from many areas of the Catholic world (e.g., “Bergoglio!”, “Heretic!”, “Anti-Pope!”, etc.), that seems to be opportunities for click-bait, rather than actually striving for “solutions to the problem.” This “tactic” is failing miserably in that about all it accomplishes is to give modernist every reason in the world to give a condescending *wink* as they quickly and easily dismiss or “marginalize” (See Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) all of this slanderous hyperbole as crazy, far-right, extremism.

Of course there are many exceptions to this frenzied, hyperbolic methodology. I would include Edward Pentin as one of those who maintains a “high form” of journalistic integrity and charity in his reporting.

Having said all that, I have thought, for some time now, that we need a powerful “team” to stand against all of the tactics of modernists to introduce (flood the system with?) innovations and even heresy into our Church. By “team,” I mean a collection of highly respected and trusted scholars who, collectively, write counter arguments to each of these modernist errors. I refer to this as a “Theological Think Tank.”

Having such a highly respected and trusted “Theological Think Tank” would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for the modernists to marginalize them. In fact, I believe, it would have the opposite effect in giving the Catholic world some real substance to refute and, therefore, marginalize the “extreme modernists.” Might it also give prelates something of substance to “get behind” and, therefore, bring to their flock?