We Need to Cultivate Our “God Filter”

We Need to Cultivate Our “God Filter”


You ever start to write something on social media, and then you hear that “still small voice” (SSV) in your noggin say, “Um, NO!”? Or, your talking with someone, and you are about to blurt out something when that SSV says, “Um, If you say it that way, they may take it wrong, and will be offended.”

That’s your “God filter.” It is especially operational when you are in a state of grace. That SSV is “catching you” before you screw up.

Our “God filter” also helps us to try our best to not be “high maintenance.” In other words, it shifts our focus outward, instead of inward … instead of looking for how people can “take care of me,” we shift and, instead, look for ways to “take care of others.” So, that SSV says, “Get over it, bro, you’re fine. This is your opportunity to MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY! Now, back the truck up, and dump out all the love and joy and peace you got!”

Like I said, your “God filter” is at the highest activation level when you’ve got the power of God on you.

The commentary on 1 Corinthians in the Navarre Bible states, “The spiritual man is the Christian reborn by the grace of God; grace elevates his faculties to enable him to perform actions which have a supernatural value — acts of faith, hope, and charity. A person who is in the state of grace is able to perceive the things of God, because he carries with him the Spirit in his soul in grace, and he has Christ’s mind, Christ’s attitude.”

Your “God filter” not only keeps you out of trouble, but makes you a magnet for those who are searching. They can see that you love and care enough to “be gracious” (courteous, kind, and pleasant). And, they want that same “way of existing” for themselves. So, don’t be surprised if there are those who are studying you and taking notes.

This becomes your passion, then … to instruct by your well-lived life that assists others to jettison their propensity to be high-maintenance as their focus is forever on themselves. They want to be FREE of this “inward existence” and burst out into a life lived for others.

Please God in every way possible. Go to Confession often, so you remain mighty in your state of grace. Tune into that “Still Small Voice,” and never leave home without your “God Filter.”