What We Were When I Was a One Year Old – Make America Holy Again!

What We Were When I Was a One Year Old – Make America Holy Again!

What We Were When I Was a One Year Old

As Bobby Darin was singing “Mack the Knife” (below), I was a one year old in my momma’s arms. I was her 3rd child. Our family would, eventually, grow to seven kids, which was considered medium size, back then. This was the year our family helped start St. Maria Goretti parish in Madison, WI.

This was a simpler time. A sweet innocence abounded. Being a strong Catholic, strong patriot, good neighbor and living a moral life was all a “given.” Right vs. wrong was as clear as day.

Entertainers were portrayed as “gentlemen” and “ladies.” Bobby Darin shared the stage with the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Suave and debonair was in vogue, at the time. This was an era when gentlemen would stand whenever a lady entered the room. Yes, the fathers ran the family, but the mothers were seen as royalty, and gentlemen granted them reverence at every turn.

This was the year after Pope Pius XII passed away. This monumental moment in time would create an opening for a “new Church” to emerge.

The 1960s would forever be known as a revolutionary decade. This would be the decade that would revolt against everything held “sacred.” Morals, values, virtues were all deemed old-fashioned as a new and “evolved” generation blasted onto the scene.

“Do what thou wilt” is the high command in the Satanic bible, and this would be the high command of this new “way of life.” In psychological terms, it would be seen as an epidemic of narcissism. In theological terms, it is seen as the reemergence of the original sin of Pride.

Did our Church deploy a counter-offensive during this eruption of evil? No, she complied. Liberals are always the most aggressive, and the most liberal within the hierarchy would take control in the years following Vatican II. This, while good and holy bishops were forever attempting to discern what “gentlemanly way” can we maintain control during this break from all that is good and true and beautiful.

Churches were gutted out and the Mass was reduced to a night club act, at best. Priests were instructed to, in essence, shove God off of His throne and replace Him with our new god: Our conscience. In other words, if we “feel” something is moral, i.e., contraception, abortion … well, then, that is “Gospel” now.

My poor mother, who in my childhood, knelt in awe before our Lord being made Present at every Mass, would become a crabby complainer of the kitschy guitar band up in the sanctuary.

Why is evil winning today? As it has always been, so it will always be (it seems) … it is because of wimpy bishops who allow evil bishops to rule the day.

It’s high time we take back America!