Where I Am At – Covid and the Catholic Church

Where I Am At – Covid and the Catholic Church


Here is my perspective of “Covid & Catholicism History” …

In the week leading up to Holy Week, we were told everything was going to spike … “it’s going to be very bad … just prepare yourself.” At one point, we were told 2.2 million people could die. Holy Week came and, instead, all the models flattened, praise God! I believe many prayers played a role.

It was the week after Holy Week that talk began about opening up.

In the days that followed, it became more apparent that politicians who lust for power were using this to assert their control. Even so, nearly all believed the virus was particularly deadly for our elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

So, what would happen when we opened? Nobody seemed to know, especially the so-called “experts” who were almost 100% wrong throughout the Covid crisis.

It is in this context that the bishops were making decisions. Nobody could be sure that there would not be a severe spike in hospitalizations and deaths, once we began to loosen up our lock-down. Also, I believe it was completely unfair to equate this plague to past plagues, because no martyr ever said, “I don’t care who I may, asymptomatically, kill by bringing this virus to them.” That made this completely different.

The bishops were, morally, compelled to protect their flock, especially our precious elderly, from exposure to this virus, including those who could spread it to them, as this virus was seen as extremely contagious. Even to this day, those who have contact with elderly are taking extra precautions to not be exposed to the virus.

So, yes, let’s open up, but let’s do it safely, because we are still not 100% sure this will not spike hospitalizations and deaths.

Yes, the power hungry politicians are taking advantage of the situation and, clearly, showing blatant discrimination against religious people. For Wisconsin, the Supreme Court intervened, thank God. Then our local government exposed their “religious discrimination” hand on May 28.

Folks, that was just 6 days ago. Then, we just discovered – again, just 6 days later – our diocese is suing them.

Please, please, please stop the detraction against bishops who are morally compelled to keep their flocks safe. We are simply not sure what this loosening of the lock-down will bring.

Personally, I believe the science is “just now” revealing this is not the apocalypse we feared it would be. But, that science is just becoming revealed, at least “consensus” with that science.

Please have patience as we see how it goes with these “loosening of lock-downs.” I believe we will be fine, but there is not 100% consensus that it will be fine … just yet.

This has been an historic trial for all of us, and I pray we learn many lessons from it. But, we simply did not know the severity of this Covid crisis, and it seems we soon will discover this.

Love you all, and let’s come out of this even stronger. 🙂

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