Why I Disagree with Anti-Trumpers

Why I Disagree with Anti-Trumpers


I was thinking about our President as I reflected on this Sunday’s Gospel. I just love that Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him. Virtually all scripture scholars say that this is tied to Peter’s thrice denial of our Lord at the most critical moment. A very grave sin.

What was Jesus doing? He was making it very clear to Peter that, no matter how great was his sin – in the past – He wanted Peter to be our first pope. He was saying, “I can’t use you if you are going to carry around the baggage of guilt that would paralyze you and the mission at hand. I need you to be clear that what was done is done … I forgive you … and let’s move out in all confidence, going forward.”

I often wonder why God chooses some of the worst sinners to “move out in His missions.” I believe it is because there is a genuine “high motivational factor” in being redeemed. For example, some of the best people I have ever met are reformed alcoholics who lived horrible lives. Yet, once they “know” the redemption they received, they are on fire for doing the most they can for others, out of spirit of thanksgiving for having been redeemed.

Why are Christians standing with this President and rooting him on? Because most of us know what redemption feels like and we believe, with all our heart, that redemption is possible with this President. We who have been redeemed are the ones who give souls a lot of leeway, because we hope God does the same for us, and He does. For God, it’s not what you did that disqualifies you, it’s what you are doing (see Prodigal Son).

President Trump left the NYC bubble, and went out to meet a bunch of on fire Christians, and it changed him. And, he is still changing. He did not, all of a sudden, become perfect, but he is chasing perfection.

Now, President Trump wants what these on fire Christians want, and he is working very hard for that. I do not, for a second, believe it is an act. Look who his enemies are … all those who stand directly opposed to the will of God. They are terrified of the resolve of this redeemed, and being redeemed man.

We did not elect a pope. His canonization is not around the corner, but I believe we have someone who is fighting for us against the forces of evil.

Please pray, everyday, for his continued growth in holiness.

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