Why is This the Most Consequential Election of All Time?

Why is This the Most Consequential Election of All Time?

America Was Holy

In a previous article, I was reminiscing about an era gone by. What threw me into reflection was listening to an oldie but goldie called “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin. “What year was that song released?”, I asked myself. I discovered the year was 1959. I then wrote, “I was a one year old in my momma’s arms.”

Mom was typical of ladies from her era, as she would keep the radio on all day while she did her house work, listening to such suave and debonair crooners as Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra. So, it was like a light switch went on when I heard “Mack the Knife,” and my thoughts went to what the world was like back then.

There’s a reason why I coined the term, “Make America Holy Again” (MAHA), which is inspired by the Trump election campaign motto, “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). You see? I believe there was a time when America was holy. Yes, I’ve received many knee-jerk reactions to MAHA who say, “America was never holy!” I disagree.

Certainly, there was never a time when America was filled with only canonized saints. I’m not saying that. Humanity will always have it’s collection of sinners in our midst, and America will never be perfect. But, if ever there was a time when there was a culture filled with those who were of a solid character and high morals, it was in and around 1959. As I wrote, “This was a simpler time. A sweet innocence abounded. Being a strong Catholic, strong patriot, good neighbor and living a moral life was all simply a ‘given.’ Right vs. wrong was as clear as day.”

These were the post-WWII years. America had a strong sense of patriotism and a great love and respect for the military. In addition, those in law enforcement were recognized as heroic. Being a good citizen was simply what you did. Almost everyone went to church, as they gave God all the glory for everything they had and for blessing our country.

Such things as crime was almost unheard of, as folks usually felt safe leaving their keys and wallet in their cars, nor did they lock their homes at night. Us kids were free to leave home after breakfast and play all day, oftentimes in the middle of the streets, and return home at dinner time. Nobody batted an eye with any concern for our safety or wondered where we were. They knew we were perfectly safe. All the neighbors knew each other, and each looked out of the corner of their eye to watch the local kids playing, while each would jump at the chance to lend assistance to a neighbor whenever needed. As kids, our neighbors were like our favorite aunts and uncles.

I could go on, but you get the picture. America was holy, back then. Right vs. wrong, good vs. evil was never debatable. Everyone understood that we were all called to live as a people of good character and Christian charity, and nobody ever questioned that. It was, as I said, “simply a given.”


The 1960’s Volcanic Eruption of Evil

Something happened in the 1960s. I’ve referred to it as a volcanic eruption of evil. The culture was ignited, seemingly overnight, by a rebellion against everything that was once “a given” as true and good and beautiful. Truth gave way to relativism, which is the belief that there are no universal truths. Good gave way to narcissism, and the belief that if it feels good, do it (this was the gasoline that lit the fire of the sexual revolution). Beauty gave way to ugly, in the lack of dignity and a desire for personal grooming and, in art and architecture, to a movement called Brutalism, which sought to popularize bland and ugly.

It was clear that the underlying motivation of the 1960s revolution was simply a desire for revolt itself. In today’s popular language, they would’ve referred to themselves as being “woke.” The prideful narcissists of the 1960s simply wanted to take an opposing view of whatever the culture held as acceptable and normative, up to that point. And, God and religion were among the first to find the wastepaper basket. Their goal was to transform the culture away from the image of God and into their own narcissistic “if it feels good, do it” image.


The Hippies Are Now In Leadership

So, what does this have to do with this being the most consequential election of all time? Well, think about it. Those rebellious narcissists (we called them “hippies”) have reached the age that they are now in positions of leadership in politics, media, universities and public schools. In fact, they have been in these positions of leadership for decades. Their rebellious anti-God agenda has been at work, indoctrinating the masses. These aging hippies are our modern-day elites; our “ruling class.”

Since “rebellious narcissists” is not an appealing term for these aging hippies, they prefer to refer to themselves as “liberals” or the new and improved title of “progressives.” Progressives like to talk about “being evolved.” That’s their way of saying that the biblical values and morals and virtues of their ancestors no longer apply to them. Being “superior,” they believe they now have “superior insight” beyond that of such outdated notions as the Word of God. So, they “pride” themselves on taking the “opposite view” of any truths in the bible.

Up to now, their indoctrination has been very effective. Even both Bush Presidencies paved the way for them. Now, they are about to level the coup de grâce; the kill punch to our culture. This is their end game; this is what they spent the past 50 years setting the stage for just such a time as this. If these aging hippies gain full control, it may take hundreds of years for us to ever recover the holiness of that simple culture of 1959 again.

All of the strong Catholics and Evangelicals are among those who have led the way in standing in support of this President who, very much, understands the modus operandi of these evil rebellious anti-God narcissists; these aging hippies; this ruling class. They know the President is on to them and that is why they have been throwing everything possible at him to get him out of office. It is beyond obvious that they see the President as a real and present danger to their culture killing plans. They are so evil, I worry they may even seek to harm him. Let’s keep him in our prayers at all times.

My friends, this is why this is the most consequential election of all times. Do we allow the evil rebellious anti-God narcissists to achieve their end game; their kill punch? No! Instead, we do everything possible, beginning with prayer, to recover the culture of 1959 and …

Make America Holy Again


I spoke to all of this in my sermon today. Please watch.