Wolf Watch: Allegiance to God’s Will vs. the Will of the Swamp

Wolf Watch: Allegiance to God’s Will vs. the Will of the Swamp

“I am a Catholic priest; a shepherd. I am totally dedicated to keeping watch for the wolves and warning the sheep when they are on the prowl. I will lay down my life for my sheep.”
– Father Richard Heilman


This particular “Wolf Watch” was written just as the House Democrats unveiled articles of impeachment. Those who wish to silence me will say this is a matter of politics, and inappropriate for priests to comment. I disagree. Wherever the advancement of evil occurs, I MUST warn the sheep of the wolves.



President Trump is the Swamp’s worst nightmare. He cannot be bought … simple as that. The Clintons, Bushes and Obamas all pledged total allegiance to the Swamp.

Monica Crowley aptly identifies this evil force:

“The swamp is the ruling class and it’s comprised of the elites on all sides of the political spectrum (This also applies to elements of the ruling class within the Church, e.g., McCarrick & company). Why has it always dominated despite repeated attempts by noble patriots over many years to try to chip away at its monstrous power? The short answer is that the swamp controls all the levers of power in this country (and in the Church), and they have the capability and the will to destroy anyone and anything that threatens its grip.”

Because the Swamp is, almost completely, disconnected from God as “Religious in name only” (Religion for appearances), they believe freedom is comprised of “letting our disordered passions, whims, feelings, and emotions determine our choices” (e.g., right to kill our children). This is a “lower order,” as in how the beasts live.

While I (we) cannot determine President Trump’s degree of faith, it appears clear that he, at least, agrees with those who remain faithful, and that, “We must live by a higher order – an elevated life – determined by God’s will, not ours.”

This allegiance to God’s will versus the will of the Swamp has the Swamp in total panic mode. So much so, that the Swamp is throwing everything at the President in order to get him out. Their hope is that he will grow weary and “quit.” We must continue to pray for the President, or our country will continue to devolve into the “Land of the Beasts and Savages.”